Why Us

Himalayan Eco Lodges, in tune with its philosophy of earthy hospitality brings to you eco - friendly hotels. Witness the magnificent sunrise right from your room window which opens up to greater vistas of valleys, mountains, rivers & your host probably herding his sheep on the field. Lend a hand as you learn to cook some homemade delectable pahari cuisine.  The local flavours not only spring from the food you eat but are all around you. Relish these flavours with the wooden houses, their distinct roofs, the cattle “meh –ing” & a local whistling away his morning melodies. That’s not it; these mountain lodges are a wonderful option for all kind of travellers, trekkers, pilgrims, families & solo travellers.

With Himalayan Eco Lodges, the stay you choose are handpicked & are run by people who belong to our Team. These are locals to whom hospitality is inherent as a matter of birth. Their first - hand experience of the outdoors as well as their sound knowledge of the region will make your stay all the more comfortable. Think no more, if exploring the hidden treasures of Himalayas is on your list, then these mountain lodges should be on your check list!